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Non-Service Connected Veteran Pension and Survivor's Death Pension

The Aid & Attendance Pension is the highest level of pension that can be awarded, and can pay well over $2,000 per month. This benefit is available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses, tax free.

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The Veteran Benefits Consulting Firm, LLC helps wartime veterans with Aid & Attendance.  Aid & Attendance helps pay for assisted living or home healthcare.  This Veteran Benefit can pay over $,2000/month. VA established Aid & Attendance in 1952.

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"We received a package from the VA last Friday. Dad's VA Benefit was approved for the amount of $1,794.00/mo. We could not have done it without the help of the Veteran Benefits Consulting Firm. The peace of mind, in addition to the, has meant so much to our family. THANK YOU!" 

R.M. 2017

Mom just received $4,612 in her bank account!  I hope this means she's been approved! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for all your help!!!!

C.F. 2017

"Our family is THRILLED to report that our dad was indeed approved for the VA Aid and Attendance program effective March 2017.  As we reflect on our dad's medical crisis, all juggled during that critical time, and the blur we now call "Fall 2016', we are so pleased with how smooth and efficent you made the VA application process for us. We honestly would have been at a loss without you leading the way.  We offer our thanks for your compassionate guidance and diligent counsel. It is our pleasure to recommend the service of your agency to others. Our sincerest appreciation."

K.M.G. 2017

Just recently the Veteran Benefits Consulting Firm, LLC helped my parents get the Aid and Attendance benefit. We got it in less than 60 days. It has been life changing for them! They are now in assisted living and loving it! Thanks to the team at VBCF.

- M.J.H. 2018