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Click On The Link Below To View Our Educational Webinar About Aid & Attendance

This Webinar Will Cover:

* Aid & Attendance Benefit - How We Average 60 Days For Approval.
* Filing A Fully Developed Claim Directly With The VA Pension Centers.
* Income & Asset Restrictions - Current "Look-Back" Periods.
The Three Areas Of Qualification - How to Actually Qualify.
* 2018 Benefit Amounts.
How This Benefit Can Help Pay For Assisted Living Or Home Healthcare.
How We Help Veterans And Widows That Are Residing In Independent Living.
What If A Family Member Is Already Providing The "ADL" Assistance?
What The VA Considers A Countable "ADL" - (Activities Of Daily Living).
* Why It Is Beneficial To Use An Outside Organization To Assist Families.
* Determine If The Family Needs A VA Accredited Attorney Or Trust.